About UTS-SA

Utilities Technical Support (UTS) inaugurated with a vision to leading solution provider for industrial and underground utilities. Our mission is serve our customers using a wide range of advanced technologies.
Worker surveying street

Strategic Alliance

Utilities Technical Support (UTS) built a strategic alliance with scientific researchers and developers in terms of having the rights of applying their proprietary technologies through our services.

Sister companies

Explorer Geophysical Consultancy Office -Saudi Arabia

Tahas Tech Co.llb – Bahrain

Our Values

It is at the core of our business to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction (highest value for investment) with our products and services. We believe that superior customer experiences can only be driven by focused initiatives that value integrity, reliability, sincerity, perseverance, constructive analysis, self-improvement, mutual respect unparalleled professional expertise.

Quality Control & Assurance

We take great pride in Quality Control & Quality Assurance and Health, Safety & Risk Assessment.