Engineering Applications

Utilities Technical Support has its own customized engineering applications which focus on:

  • Evaluating the quality of Pipes (In Terms of corrosion and Joints)
  • Evaluating concrete bodies
  • Evaluating asphalt roads
  • Evaluating the foundation layers of roads

Our Customized Radar Antennas can be mounted on any type of vehicle and enabling the user to detect under-track problems which can lead to track geometry anomalies. These provide complete information about the ballast status. GPR surveys can be collected on railroad tracks where vehicle travel speeds exceed 40 km/hr, while information on variations in substructure conditions across the track can be gathered using multiple antennas. Collectively, this technique is be used on a network-level basis to provide indices of track quality and can be used in inspections to assess safety, maintenance, and operational constraints.

Those scale projects