Mapping GIS/CAD

Mapping GIS/CAD

Mapping GIS/CAD services include;

  • Data migration/conversion
  • Cartographic Modeling to produce effective thematic maps

The mapping services encompass all GIS/CAD activities including Digitization and Attribution, Geo referencing / Geo coding, Data Conversion from diverse sources, Geo Database Design and Development.

Customized GIS Applications

Integration of the latest GIS technology allows UTS to help clients plan, complete and manage complex projects. Advanced GIS tools lead to sound business decisions and reduce project costs while maintaining quality. The GIS experts at UTS join our engineering teams to provide our clients with the spatial analysis tools to answer the difficult “What if” questions.

Our services include:

  • Mapping services
  • Geo-data services
  • Geo-processing services
  • Image service
  • Network analysis services
  • Modeling

In addition to the standard GIS applications that Utilities Technical Support has developed, we also develop customized solutions that cater to business’ unique requirements. Our customized GIS applications are:

  • Tailor-made and user friendly with a focus to fulfill customer needs
  • Web based GIS solutions, or
  • Desktop based GIS Solution