Our Technologies

UTILITY SURVEY CO for Geophysical Services Ltd. include, Ground Penetrating Radar, 1D/2D Resistivity, Concrete Structure & Foundation Evaluation, Electrical Cable Field Test, Multi Frequency Electromagnetic Induction, Water Networks Monitoring and Leakage Detection and Mobile Mapping Technologies


Analyze subsurface contents. Electromagnetic profiling is done by using a time-varying electromagnetic field

On-site ground penetrating radar device

Ground Penetrating Radar

Uses high frequency electromagnetic waves to image the subsurface and locate anomalous features of the soil

On-site Cable & Pipe locating

Cable & Pipe Locator

Locating metallic and non-metallic pipelines underground is vital to utility and leak detection

On-site resistivity survey

Resistivity Survey

The Ohm Mapper is a capacitively-coupled resistivity system designed to measure subsurface resistivity in areas.

Geographic Positioning
On-site Resistivity survey

Global Positioning

Global Positioning System satellites transmit signals to receiving equipment on the ground.

On-site GNSS survey

GNSS Surveying

New advancements in Trimble R-Track technology have resulted in consistent delivery of precise positioning information

High quality and cost effective services to reduce environmental risk and add value

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