Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-destructive method which uses high frequency electromagnetic waves to image the subsurface and locate anomalous features of the soil that have different electromagnetic properties than their surroundings.

GPR uses transmitting and receiving antennas which then radiate short pulses of high-frequency EM (Electromagnetic) waves into the ground. The waves then encounter the interface of the materials and, having different dielectric constants, a part of this energy is reflected back to the surface where it is detected by the receiver and then transmitted to a control unit for display. Utilities Technical Support uses the most advanced technology and employs unique processing sequence developed by Utilities Technical Support staff to generate reports relating to all the findings with details by interpreting the scanned surface data.
Ground Penetrating Radar technology enables us to locate reinforced concrete pipes that are used in underground sewage and storm drainage systems.

These pipelines often run beneath roadways and asphalt parking lots as well as along drainage culverts. Similarly, GPRS can pinpoint the location and coordinates of sanitary sewer lines as well as clay drainage tiles buried underground.

Utilizing the latest software, Utilities Technical Support will provide a qualitative assessment of your concrete structure by plotting the strength of reflection in its rebar. By overlaying the resulting data directly onto floor plans, we make identifying the exact location of bar corrosion and degradation easy and effortless.